W Amman Hotel

Clearance & Warehousing Management Service – Include Handing Over to the operator

Description of the project:

A contract was concluded between FILS international Packing & Removals Company and, the Owner Company of W- Hotel Amman in collaboration with the operator, so that FILS Company will provide the services of Clearance & Warehousing Management , inventory control, Handing over to the operator and Distribution of the required items to the rooms as of January 2017 with the provision of warehouses by the customer.

FILS Company has prepared the warehouses and set up them to be suitable, safe and secure in terms of their usage, carried out by the personnel available to FILS Company who enjoy superior and high expertise and had performed all the necessary installations.

FILS Company, on the other hand, arranging the clearance & transportation to the warehouse, receives daily the Hotel’s furniture, accessories and electrical sets ( FFE & OSE ) to mount and connect them under the supervision of an engineering company overseeing the project and, according to standards and order of the W Hotel

Scope of Work

· Clearance services

· Logistics / Transportation to the project site

· Warehousing management system

1) Arranging the Parking levels B5 & B6 ( total area 3600 M2) to be a storage area ( Fully equipped )

2) Pest control & Sprinkler mobilize system

3) Clearance from the customs and transportation to the site

4) Managing the storage facility at W-hotel and lower in Amman

5) Warehouse management system software + hardware ( dealing with receiving and handling )

6) Office for store keeper & office equipment

7) Helper & Movers

8) Tools

9) Insurance & security of the goods

10) Receiving in & out reporting plus any damage or missing reports

11) Handing over to the operator

12) Distribution the required OSE / FFE to the rooms

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